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FYI - Important Rant From Scott Boyce

Coaches / Parents / Officials / Players,

I just wanted to point out a couple things that have been on my mind and I am kind of confused why they keep happening.

1.  Game Rules per age group are listed on this website under the tab “Rules”.....This includes game time and all the specifics that are different at every age group.  I know we have stated this multiple times and I do not understand why every other town or official wants to change things up.  It just adds confusion and it’s not what we agreed on.

2.  Parents coaching from side lines....This is not allowed for multiple reasons.

A. Players become reactive instead of taking lessons learned from coaches during practice.  Kids need to be able to fail and correct themselves, that’s how you grow and become a better player… not by a parent screaming at you what to do.

B.  When a parent is being too loud on the side line then the players cannot hear the coach.

C.  It’s really annoying to all the other parents there that do not want to hear it……

3.  Coaches wanting to fight other coaches.  This is really as low as it gets….and it is happening every week.  I am actually sick and tired of hearing about it.  IF YOU CAN NOT CONTROL YOURSELF AT A YOUTH LACROSSE GAME THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD NOT BE COACHING.  What example are you showing to the kids looking up to you?  That you’re a tough guy and have to prove something?  First off you have nothing to prove except that you can show the kids the right thing to do in a tough situation.

4.  Arguing with Officials….. at the end of the day if you find yourself arguing with the officials every game then you’re not focusing on what matters, your kids…….Respect the officials call at all times because they do not always have the same angle as you.  People make mistakes and officials tend to make things right during a game if you let them, but when you are constantly yelling at them then they cannot do their job…

5. Running up the score on teams that are not as good is sad for your team….when you can be working on plays in a live situation will only make you a better team in the future, any one kid can run a gun and put it in the net, the difference is when you can move the ball around as a team that is the true difference of a good team, plus you do not make the other team feel like they are no good.

6. If your kids are not having fun then there is something wrong.

7.  This is a youth league and there are no scholarships being handed out at any of these games. (Thanks Joe Kinsley for that)

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Feast on The Crease 2017

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Shootout for Soldiers

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Towns that Play in the MHYLL

by posted 02/24/2016

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Delaware Valley


Highland Boys

Highland Girls



New Paltz

Northern Dutchess Boys

Northern Dutchess Girls

Pine Bush


Rondout Valley

VC Vikings



WV Wildcats


West Point


posted 12/23/2013
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